Music Therapy Session

Weekly individual or group music therapy session will be conducted at your home, facility, or other predetermined locations. Sessions are typically 60 minutes. Initial assessment will be conducted in order to assess clients' needs and strengths to establish individualized goals and objectives. The objectives will be reviewed periodically and will be revised as needed.  Progress summary reports will be written at the end of each term to discuss progress, areas of needs, and future goals and objectives. 

Who can benefit?

Anyone can benefit from music therapy if you respond positively to music. I have experience working with the following population:

  • Children with Autism
  • Children with Down syndrome
  • Children with Cerebral Palsy
  • Children with speech delay
  • Children with motor delay
  • Children with developmental delay
  • Adults in hospital setting (chronic and acute pain, anxiety issues, stress)
  • Adults in developmental center
  • Older adults with stroke